Your Starting Point Does Not Define Your Future Success

belief entrepreneur mindset Jun 01, 2021

Just because someone is born into a life of money and ease does not make their success more likely than yours.  It may seem like they have a head start and maybe they do. But having a head start is not the deciding factor.


Starting Points

When you are going to race, there is a line that everyone lines up on. Everyone starts in the same place, and one person is declared the winner.

But in real life, the starting points are all over. Some are way ahead, and some are way behind. The difference with life is that every person is designed for success. Every person can be the winner.  And that is why the starting point doesn’t matter.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that their starting point is holding them back or making it harder for them to succeed.


 So, you didn't grow up in a mansion...

...But if you did, you would certainly have fewer limiting beliefs than you do now. 

For people who have always known private jets, elite universities, tropical vacations, and having designer clothes, these things are already possible. They are probably not even a very big deal. They don’t have any limiting beliefs around these luxuries because they are part of what they have always known.

And so, yes. They are not burdened with some of the limiting beliefs that most other people have. In contrast, you may think it's impossible for you to someday travel the world or have a G-wagon [insert favorite luxury car here...], but the opposite is actually true.

Because, to the Universe (or Spirit), it is never a comparison between someone else and you. Your opportunities are just are abundant as everyone else's.

Think about the things you have experienced in your life so far. There is certainly someone out there who night look at your life and think "She's got it so easy, I'll never be able to do those things."

Do you see how it is all relative? 

When the mind starts thinking that anything is possible, a whole world opens up. The key is in your belief system, and no one is more deserving of the good things in life than anyone else.

Thinking that someone has a better starting point than you is a limiting belief because when you look down at where your feet are standing, you are making the decision (based upon that belief) that your starting point can’t get you as far as the other person.

That is simply a lie. 


Your starting point is never the reason why you will have success or not

It is just your starting point. And everyone’s is different.

The key is to actually start at your starting point and to move forward from there. Even (remember the Tortoise and the Hare) slow progress is still massive progress when you count up the minutes, the hours and the days.


More evidence that the "starting point" lie is not true

One of the best ways to blast limiting beliefs is to find evidence that the limiting belief is not true.

So, if your limiting belief is that people with a disadvantaged starting point are not able to have massive success, let me give you 10 examples of people that started off poor or had trauma in their lives to show you how your starting point is not the determining factor of your eventual success.

  •  Howard Schultz. This is the guy that made Starbucks the global company it is today. When Howard was a child, his family was poor and lived in government subsidized housing.  He carried a lot of shame of what he calls “being a poor kid.” When he was seven years old, he recalls realizing that his father was a broken man after working in dead-end jobs that could not bring in the money or respect to help his family. It was this hardship that seemed to motivate Howard to become the success he is today. His net worth is around $3 billion.


  •  John Paul DeJoria is the founder of Patron tequila and Paul Mitchell Hair Care Systems. As a youth he was once in foster care and grew up poor in Los Angeles. He said this: “I remember once in junior high school, on a Friday, my mom came home from work and said to my brother and I, ‘You know, between us, we have only 27 cents, but we have food in the refrigerator, we have our little garden out back and we’re happy, so we are rich.'"  After working in a Redken factory he became interested in the shampoo industry. Even during the beginning of his business, he tried to sell shampoo door-to-door and even slept in his car to save money.  A true rags-to-riches story, he was homeless twice before joining forces with Paul Mitchell in 1980 to create the billion-dollar haircare brand. He is now worth $2.7 Billion


  • J.K. Rowling – the author of the Harry Potter books, remembers days when she would not eat so that her daughter could have food. She has talked about how she remembers nights when there was literally no money. After writing and publishing the Harry Potter books, she earned $95 million between June 2016 and June 2017, according to Forbes. Now a philanthropist, Rowling enjoys giving back so much that an estimated $160 million in charitable giving contributed to her fall from billionaire status in 2012. Today, Rowling’s fortune is back up to $1 billion.


  • Years before Halle Berry won an Oscar, she slept in a homeless shelter. A struggling actress desperately wanting to make it in Hollywood, the star sought out cheaper housing alternatives. She says, however, that her struggles during her early acting career made her stronger in the endIn an interview with People, Berry said, "It taught me how to take care of myself and that I could live through any situation, even if it meant going to a shelter for a small stint."  As of 2021, Halle Berry now has a reported net worth of $90 Million.


  • Sarah Jessica Parker was just a small-town girl from Nelsonville, Ohio before she landed the iconic role of New York writer Carrie Bradshaw on HBO's "Sex and the City," According to an article by Finances Online, SJP went through a point in her life where her family rarely celebrated birthdays, holidays, or other family occasions. One of nine children, Parker remembered times when the family couldn't afford to pay for electricity or their phone bill.  In spite of her family’s poverty, Sarah Jessica Parker became a famous actress with a net worth of $150 million.


  • Dolly Parton was born as the fourth of 12 children. Her parents struggled to make ends meet for their large family. Dolly’s dad was a tobacco farmer and a construction worker who never learned to read or write after leaving school at a young age. Parton's mother was the daughter of a preacher who devoted her life to raising her children. Parton has been in show business for six decades, has had numerous No. 1 hit singles, and has won nine Grammy awards. Her net worth is $600 million as of 2021, Forbes reports, but the singer is definitely generous with her money. Parton recently donated $1 million to help fund a potential COVID-19 vaccine.


  • Ed Sheeran is now one of the biggest names in music, but he started off as a struggling artist in London's bustling music scene. The singer would often spend nights sleeping in the London Underground train stations or on top of heating vents. "There was an arch outside Buckingham Palace that has a heating duct, and I spent a couple of nights there. That's where I wrote the song 'Homeless' and the lines 'It's not a homeless night for me, I'm just home less than I'd like to be,'" Sheeran wrote in his book, "A Visual Journey." Sheeran now sells out stadiums across the globe and has a net worth of $270 million.



Some of these successful individuals have experienced extreme trauma along with poverty and still reached their true potential.

  • Charlize Theron grew up in a household where her alcoholic father abused her mother. One night when Theron was 15, her alcoholic father came home after a night of heavy drinking and threatened to kill her mother with a gun. In an act of self-defense, Theron's mother took the gun and shot back, killing him. "I survived that, and I'm proud of that," Theron said in an interview with New York Times. "I've worked hard for that, too. And I am not scared of that. I am not fearful of the darkness. If anything, I am intrigued by it, because I think it explains human nature and people better." Charlize went on to become a famous actress starring in at least 63 movies to date. #260 million.


  • And, of course, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah was born to a poor teenage single mother in Mississippi. She grew up in a home where there was no running water or electricity. She was abused and molested by two family members and a family friend and ran away from home at the age of 13. At 14, she gave birth — the child died shortly after. Do you see all the beliefs about herself that could have unapologetically held her back? By focusing on school, participating in beauty pageants and then working at a radio station, Winfrey was able to enter the media world. Oprah is now one of the most beloved celebrities in the world and has a net worth of $2.65 billion


Do you know why your starting point is the best place for YOU to start?

Your starting point does not define you. It’s just your starting point. And this place was meant to be your starting point. Do you know why? Because it is.

Start here. This is where you were meant to begin.

This is the point that will bring you the biggest wins, the greatest clarity and insight, and success in your purpose. And if you keep moving forward, you will have all the things that have been planned for you including abundance, love, happiness, and all the luxuries you've ever dreamed of.


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