Your Morning Thoughts: How They Can Make Or Break Your Day

manifestation mindset morning routine practical advice Feb 22, 2022

When you first wake up in the morning, your brain is in a highly suggestive brain-wave state.  Are you using it for your benefit? 


The Your Today Story 2-Minute Morning Mindset Formula is based upon the idea that your very first thoughts of the morning affect your day, your decisions, your focus, and your future possibilities.  If these thoughts are THAT important, shouldn't we be paying more attention to them?

Here is an article I found by Rick Hanson, Ph.D., that speaks to the psychology of these first morning thoughts.  I loved it and I hope you will too!


Source: Psychology TodayRick Hanson Ph.D.

Try to influence your mind with positive and loving thoughts, when you wake.

Waking up is like the sun rising. At first it's mostly dark, as glimmers of consciousness begin to light the shadows. Emerging into full wakefulness, the fogs and veils dissolve and the whole plain of your mind comes into view. It's quiet: a restedness in the body, sleepy still, not yet much internal verbal chatter. There's an intimacy with yourself, abiding as the core of your being...











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