The Amazon Influencer Program - Why You Should Pass

influencer Dec 11, 2019


Businesses have been giddy with excitement since figuring out they can target a perfect demographic of customers by having one or two influential bloggers promote their products.

Not only do they perfectly target the market they are pursuing, they pay almost NOTHING for the privilege. They get that buzz and word-of-mouth publicity that previously was rare to come by, and, in exchange, give the influencer free deodorant for a year (or other free products that don’t pay the rent).

Influencers truly do not realize the power they have.

They are called influencers for a reason. 

Influencers can have a huge impact on the popularity of a product or brand.  But they are not respected by the brands that use them.  Everyone assumes they are just millennials taking selfies and hoping to make money without having a “real job.”  Although there are some just looking for quick fame and free stuff, others are serious about business and creating their own brands.

By using influencers, the marketing budgets of many companies have been reduced substantially, and some small businesses even use influencer marketing exclusively with marketing costs of less than 1% annually. 

These influencers have created a wave of new possibilities and have caused a massive disruption in the marketing industry.

Something like that gets attention.  And now the big boy is also on board.

The Amazon Influencer Program was started a few years ago when Amazon realized they could capitalize on this trend.

It offers “special” influencers and bloggers who have large and engaged followings the opportunity to promote Amazon products. Amazon helps them set up an Amazon-type store with all Amazon products, so that their followers can now go directly to the Amazon page and make a purchase.

What do they offer these influencers in return?

A paltry 1%-10% of the sale.

And yet influencers everywhere are hopping on board – tired of only promoting for other businesses for nothing other than free product. 

Amazon has completely taken advantage of this current state of affairs and has artfully positioned itself as a way for influencers to earn a percentage of what they are promoting. Without promising anything (even help with setting up a store or learning e-commerce basics), Amazon sucks influencers and bloggers in by letting them believe they can earn more money by partnering with the beast.

It’s likely that, 98% of these influencers will never make more than $100/month promoting Amazon, while Amazon is raking it in.  Big time.

It’s a disgrace.

There are many ways for influencers and bloggers to build their businesses smart so that they can have a solid and steady income.  In fact, the easiest way for them to start making money fast is to open their own online store where they can pocket 100% of the revenue instead of Amazon’s offer of 10%. 

It’s time that influencers start seeing their true potential, start running their businesses smarter, and stop being unfairly used by conglomerates that will always take whatever they can get.

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