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Matt Haig book: The Midnight Library


When I find a book that fits in perfectly with what I teach, I want to share it with everyone! I hope you pick up The Midnight Library the next time you want to curl up with a good book!


So.. What do you do?

Sometimes when I am asked what I teach, I freeze up a bit.

How does a rocket scientist explain what they do and the latest project that they are so passionate about to someone who may not understand the basics or foundation of rocket science?

Do they explain it in technical terms, or do they try to explain in layman’s terms so that the other person can kind of ‘get-it’? 

Okay, so I’m not a rocket scientist but I do struggle with this same dilemma - especially since I am so passionate about my work and the incredible change it can create in a person’s life.


What I want to say

I want to dive directly into the science of quantum physics, Schrödinger’s cat, wave functions, the Many Worlds Theory, and the possibility of quantum leaps that support my morning mindset ritual, Your Today Story.

But… too much usually. 

And I want to show how I developed a way to utilize these scientific concepts so that a person can think about who they want to be and the life the want to live and then actually become that person by resetting the subconscious mind first thing in the morning. 

Still … too much.

So, imagine my surprise when I found a novel that explains what I teach in a way that is easy to understand and even creates the vibrational excitement that makes Your Today Story work even faster! 


I found The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

I could not put this book down and literally read it in two days. It was a page-turner of the best kind! A great vacation read and even better on audible!

And, don’t worry. It’s not a novel about quantum scientists.

Without giving too much away, the story centers on a woman who is not happy with the life she has lived. She considers taking her own life, but before she can do it she is taken to a library filled with books that represent all of the different lives she could have led.

The tiniest decisions she has made in her life have steered her in different directions. Deciding to take a coffee break (or not) put her on totally different paths and led to meeting completely different people.

Every decision she ever made in her life, from small to large, resulted in a different life that is now found in an infinite number of books in the library. She now has a chance to open some of those books and live those different lives.


The Many Worlds Theory is not such a mind-stretch anymore

The Midnight Library is, in its own way, a form of the Many Worlds Theory, and following the character on her adventure into her different lives makes a sometimes complicated topic very easy to grasp - and also easy to see the application in our own lives.

So, I obviously, loved it.

The 2-minute morning ritual, Your Today Storyis the fastest way to shift yourself into the future life you want to be living, but it doesn’t work as well if you don’t truly grasp the greatness of what you can become.

The Midnight Library is a very entertaining way to envision the possibilities of that future you. The story has a way of pulling you in so that you not only see the possibilities for the heroine, but you start to see what you are capable of on your way to living a life of purpose and in alignment with your divine potential.

This should definitely be at the top of your reading list!


Here is the link to grab the book on Amazon: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig



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