Influencers Have Discovered a New Way to Make Money Online

entrepreneur influencer practical advice Feb 11, 2021
Influencer blogger excited to make money online with e-commerce and drop shipping


And surprisingly, it’s not capturing weird photos, but actually beating Amazon at its own game.

They pose on walkways at outdoor shopping villages, scenes of crimes, and contort themselves weirdly at top-rated scenic spots. Making fun of influencers has become a sport of its own. You need only look at the online account @influencersinthewild with its 4 million followers to see the world’s infatuation with laughing at and shaming anyone who has tried to go viral.

But most people might be surprised to find out that being an influencer is not just about the photo. Sure, twenty-somethings are out there trying to get attention and praying to get famous, but authentic influencers are quietly connecting with real people, making good money, and living lives of freedom and financial security they always dreamed of.

These influencers are moms, fashion devotees, makeup pros, travelers, fitness gurus, bargain shoppers, and DIYers. They are the ones that have real influence.

They are the ones to turn to for advice about potty-training or how to paint and revive an old cupboard. 

When these influencers give advice, people take action. They easily influence buying choices because they are trusted - just like a best friend or admired colleague.

“The Word of Mouth Marketing Association reports that every day in the US, there are about 2.4 billion brand-related conversations. 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know, and people are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.” [42 Referral Marketing Stats] This makes perfect sense. If someone you respect and admire suggests a product, you are much more likely to check it out.

Businesses know this. They are keenly aware of the power of trusted referrals. These businesses reach out to influencers to promote their products, and because they believe that most influencers don’t know their own value, they don’t pay much (if anything) for this advertising.

The biggest offender of these take-all-you-can businesses is the retail giant Amazon. Early on, Amazon recognized the huge potential in influencer referral marketing and decided to harness this power. They came up with a self-styled prestigious program targeted at only the “best” influencers. Through their genius marketing, the Amazon Influencer Program became the ideal and the goal for influencers everywhere.

And what did these influencers get in exchange for promoting Amazon’s products? Pennies on the dollar.

A beauty blogger has to sell a lot of makeup brushes to make any money at $.25/each.

Here's the shake-up! Real influencers and bloggers are finally taking back their power. They are opening their own e-commerce boutiques and recommending their own products.

E-commerce platforms like Shopify have made it easy (and inexpensive) for anyone to open an online store. Using the business model of drop shipping (that Amazon perfected), savvy influencers are building their own online empires without having to pay upfront for products, store them or even ship them to customers.

And the best part? They get all of the profit. 

Now, when influencers recommend and sell a cute t-shirt, they are only paying the wholesale price and pocketing the rest. Selling one t-shirt in their own online store can bring in more money than selling 30 t-shirts on Amazon!

The real influencers that we rely upon daily can finally focus their efforts on providing valuable content instead of trying to get sponsorships just to make their car payment. They can have fun, connect with their peeps, and make a lot of money too. It’s about time!

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