Imposter Syndrome, It's Real

belief entrepreneur mindset Feb 05, 2020


Imposter syndrome comes up when a person is trying to do something they have not done before. It can be the first day of a new job, stepping into a new leadership role, or even just writing a blog. It is the feeling that you are pretending to be something you are not, that everyone knows it (even if they are not saying it), and it's just a matter of time before they expose you as a fraud.


How do you know if you are in the throes of it?

If your self-talk includes things like “Why am I even trying this?” “Everyone else is better at this than I am,” “I don’t know enough to be doing this,” “I am crazy to even be putting myself out there like this,” “I don’t even know what I am doing …” then you are definitely experiencing Imposter Syndrome at its best. You probably just don’t understand what is happening to you.

The crazy thing is that everybody else feels the same way!

Even top business leaders and influential personalities experience Imposter Syndrome.

People that seem to know exactly what they are doing, have huge follower numbers and have made millions of dollars in their businesses ALL have suffered this syndrome. It may be hard to believe, but even THOSE people wonder if they are a fraud, and they all endure some levels of fear and self-doubt.


What About Taylor Swift?

This truth really stood out to me when I watched the new documentary about the multi-platinum recording artist Taylor Swift. The movie is called Miss Americana [Netflix] and is totally worth watching. The documentary gives a real-life view into this megastar’s life, and you can see how even though idolized, she is just like us in a lot of ways. At one point in her career, Taylor was performing to stadiums full of raving fans, and she still doubted her place there. What?! She felt like people were going to figure out that she didn’t actually belong, and they would shut her out. That is why she had so much constant anxiety about public opinion.

Yes, even Taylor Swift had Imposter Syndrome.


Everybody Has To Deal With It.

Everybody has to deal with this crazy self-doubt if they decide to try something new. That is the caveat. Try something new? Get Imposter Syndrome. The only alternative is to never challenge yourself, never exit the box you have placed yourself in, and never progress or move forward in your life. So, it’s actually pretty grim.

If you want to move forward in your career, your business, your dreams, etc., you will have to face Imposter Syndrome head-on. You will feel like a fraud. You will feel like you don’t know what you are doing. And then, it’s completely natural to have these feelings escalate right before you take action. It’s the reptilian part of your brain trying to protect you, and when you get ready to take that step it will flood your thoughts with Danger! Danger!

So, bottom line, you can’t get away from it.


You Can Get Rid Of It.

So how do you overcome these doubts and crazy thoughts? You practice. And practice. You will find that as you do it more and more, the doubts start to gradually lessen. You just have to accept that the fear will be there. It’s supposed to be there.

If you are currently feeling the naggings of Imposter Syndrome, know that you are doing something amazing! If you were not pushing yourself to greater heights, you would never have this syndrome. If you are feeling self-doubt and fear – Congratulations!! You are moving forward and creating a new you. This is something to be celebrated. Use this fear as evidence that you are on the right path.


The Worst Thing You Can Do.

The worst thing you can do while in the midst of Imposter Syndrome is to do nothing. Unfortunately, that is exactly where most people land.

You may have met people at summits and conferences that tell you about their course or book or business that they are about to launch. If you run into them the following year, they are probably still in pre-launch mode, waiting for that “one more thing” before they can do it right. They are stuck. They are unable to take the step that will expose themselves (and their fraud) to the world, So even though they may have an amazing course, book or business, they can’t seem to take that last step and actually launch. You know the end of this story, right?

If you never launch, you never have the chance to see what you can accomplish.

You never have the chance to learn from the experience and then make it even better the next time around.

You have failed, but not from trying … from never trying. You handed yourself failure. And all because of your crazy brain trying to protect you.


The Sky is The Limit.

Imposter Syndrome is real, but it is still just a “syndrome.” The symptoms are manifest only in your own mind, and if you can move past those feelings and accept them, the sky is the limit.

Put that Imposter Syndrome in a box and place it on the highest shelf in your closet. You will know it is there, and each time it comes up, just acknowledge it and even say out loud, “Yes, I know you are there, but you need to stay up in the closet for a while.” And don’t take that box down and open it!!

So … Today. Yes, today.

Set the date for your launch within the next 30 days. No later.

You are about to create something amazing! The universe has your back. Now that you know what is ahead of you, you can face it head-on, and only you can prevent you from realizing your greatness. Now you have the tools to keep Imposter Syndrome at bay. Not completely gone, but manageable. You got this. You only need to open yourself up to receive all of the goodness that is surely coming your way.

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