Dropshipping For Influencers

entrepreneur influencer Sep 15, 2019


I’m guessing that at one point during your influencer journey you have thought about opening a store.

I know this because you have an entrepreneurial mindset, and that is just what happens.

You had an awesome idea - and believed in yourself enough to know that other people would be interested in your products. You dreamed of this store and the creative fulfillment and freedom you would get from it, but you didn’t know how to make it happen.

When it got down to the nitty-gritty, you realized that you would have to come up with the money to buy stuff. You would have to buy and store inventory. You would need capital for a retail space and marketing.


You had a good idea - just not the bankroll.

And then the idea quietly faded. It never died - it was still there always waiting for an opening - but without a rich grandma funding the project, you knew it was unlikely to happen.

Enter dropshipping.

This is going to change your life.

I am going to assume that you have never heard of dropshipping. Don’t worry - most people haven’t. But dropshipping is what is going to give you the edge.

This is what is going to give you the six or seven-figure income you are ready for.

This is how you will feed your entrepreneurial desires.

This is how you are going to set yourself up as a Bad Ass Influencer CEO and have the successful business you have been dreaming about since you could remember.

Here we go!


Dropshipping 101. The basic basics.

  1. You have an e-commerce website.

  2. You sell things that you choose, test and believe in.

  3. Someone else holds the inventory.

  4. They ship it to your customer when a purchase is made.

  5. You pay less for the product than the price you sell it for.

  6. You keep the difference (the profit).


Make sense?

I know it sounds easy - and it is!! The hardest part of dropshipping is usually marketing, but … you have that already.

You are the marketing. Damn.


A Little More Info.

Let’s look at how this works in a little more detail.

Let’s say you are a Blogger/Influencer with about 10k followers. (I know this is low, but I want to show you how it works).

1. You create an e-commerce (online) storefront. You pick the name and design, You make sure branding is on point.

2. You create the actual store using an e-commerce site like Shopify. The themes (even the free ones) are beautiful and easy to create. This takes all of the guesswork out. There is also a free trial period to test it without any financial commitment.

3. You pick products that you think will resonate with your followers. You test them yourself to make sure they will work (plus… just a side note … when you use the product yourself you can sell it better. Think of things you own that you have recommended to friends.) It is hard to genuinely recommend something you have never seen, felt or tried.

4. You put the best products on your e-commerce website.

5. You recommend the product on your own social media platform (doing what other businesses have paid you to do).

6. You bring traffic to your own e-commerce website and sell the product.


Here’s where it gets fun


The price you pay for the product (cost) $5.00

Estimated shipping costs $2.00

Total out-of-pocket cost $7.00

The price you sell the product for $21.00

Your profit $14.00


With a 2% conversion rate (only 2% of your followers buy the product) = 200 followers

200 people buy your product @ $14.00 profit/each $2,800 potential profit


Let’s say you have 50k followers with the same 2% conversion rate:

1000 people buy your product @ $14.00 profit/each $14,000 potential profit


Do you see what can happen? Crazy, right?!

 All of this without borrowing from Grandma or even spending a single penny in advertising.

 Best of all, with dropshipping, you never have to store any inventory or ship to any customers. You just manage the website and make sure you place the orders with your supplier.

This is the power you have.

I know many of you have a much larger following than the one I have used as an example, and this is for only one product. You have already set yourself up to be incredibly profitable!

I know it might be hard to believe you can achieve success and prosperity by building a dropshipping business. It’s okay if you don’t think you can do it on your own yet. Let me walk you through it and show you just how easy it really is!


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