The Cost of Being an Entrepreneur: The Automatic Payments Almost Killed My Dream

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The automatic payments almost killed me. 

Have you ever had an automatic payment go through when you weren’t expecting it – and you didn’t have the money in your account, and the bank charged you an extra $34 to cover it?!

Mornings I woke up to that extra $34 charge had me like SHIT!!

As a new entrepreneur, I had so many auto-payments going that I didn’t know which end was up! MailChimp, Leadpages, Samcart, Leadquizzes, Squarespace, Godaddy, Adobe, ConvertKit, Easywebinar, Canva, GumRoad, etc.  Although I NEEDED all these services, I was literally drowning in monthly payments (and occasional bounce fees).

What I really needed was ONE system that did everything so I could get rid of all of the other things. But did such a thing even exist??


I found the answer.

Not sure where I first heard about Kajabi. It may have been Marina deGiovanni or Amy Porterfield (but definitely one of those online course gals). 

I actually needed a place where I could build a beautiful online course and sell it, so I tried Kajabi out with their free trial. As with any new software, I had NO IDEA what I was doing, so I did their 28-Day Challenge and learned the basics as they walked me through it.

And ... I got more than I thought I was going to get.  Actually, MINDBLOWN.


I had NO IDEA I had found exactly what I had been hoping for.

Kajabi does almost everything. 

All of those payments I had been making? Unnecessary.

I could do it all on Kajabi.

Grateful doesn't even begin to cover it.

This is why I love Kajabi so much. Everything I need is under one roof.

My complete website. ✅ My email list and all the automations I could ever need.  ✅ My online courses, webinars, sales pages, checkouts, funnels, and all the opt-in pages for my freebies. ✅

Kajabi does everything! It even holds the downloads for me so that I don’t have to upload onto some obscure web hosting platform in Alaska.  Seriously, so grateful.


I'm on a mission to tell every entrepreneur about Kajabi.

Because moving to Kajabi changed my online life (and my relationship with my bank) so drastically, I want to tell EVERYONE about it.

So… Starbucks friend, have you heard of Kajabi? Co-worker – do you know Kajabi? Online course creator – have you tried Kajabi? I literally tell everyone about it. It’s that good.

Are you a doubter? Maybe you tried Teachable.  I mean if that works for you that’s good – but does it also hold your email list and let you build a webinar funnel or let you create a membership? I don’t know, but Kajabi does.

I begged Kajabi to let me partner with them – so that is super good news for anyone who wants to try it.

Why? Because you can get a 28-day free trial instead of the usual 14 days.  It's soooooo worth finding out more!   >>Here is a link to the 28-day Free Trial. 

(Just an FYI) The link above is not the one that tells you all about the platform, but you do get the extra days on your trial. If you want to check out the regular site link first, >>Click Here for Main Site

[After you check it out, be sure to use the 28-Day Link for the BEST DEAL!]

For me, Kajabi was (and is) a total lifesaver. I’m pretty sure you will have the same experience!!

Just add up all those monthly payments and see what they are costing you.  And then consider how everything can be on one platform without having to jimmy integrations together with Zapier or something else.

You deserve a more simplified experience, my friend.


See for yourself! 

I've got some awesome links for you!!

The Main Kajabi Info Site [14-Day Free Trial]

Kajabi 28-Day Challenge [Gives you 14 more days on your trial! This is the 28-Day Free Trial with a free training]

Want to just get a bit more info? Sign up for The Kajabi Virtual Summit on June 16th

Since I convinced Kajabi to partner with me, I will receive some moula if you sign up with one of my links. You don’t have to do it this way, but you do get the extra 14 days on your free trial! Either way, I love Kajabi so much I know that it will be one of the best things you EVER do for your business!

Email me if you have questions – I’m pretty much a Kajabi guru by now, so I am happy to help!


xo Gina

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