5 Things Every Teen Should Know Before They Look For A Summer Job

practical advice Feb 23, 2019


So your parents told you that you need a job. They are tired of handing you money on a daily basis. You are finally old enough to work and start getting some real life experience. Blah blah blah.

I understand, you don’t really want a job, you would rather not work. How can you get the full teenager experience if you have to go to work and miss out on all the fun stuff? But really, how fun is to ask your parents for money and get the lecture. every. time.

So you have headed to the local mall in search of your first job. You have put yourself out there. You are on the right track!

That was your pat on the back for a good job. Keep it up!

But if you are going to make the effort to actually walk into a store, ask for the manager, and see if they are hiring, you should be at least a little prepared. I mean it takes some guts to walk into a store, open your mouth and talk. You want to make a good first impression.


5 things not to do.

  1. Don’t wear a midriff. I don’t want to see your belly button. Even if it is not pierced. Unless you are trying to get a job at the local Hooters, please wear clothing.

  2. Don’t ask if I am the owner. Unless you are absolutely sure that this the one and only store in the world, assume I just work here. By asking me this one question you have revealed that you know absolutely nothing about this company, the fact that we have a solid 20 year business, with stores nationwide. No, I am not the owner.

  3. Don’t forget a resume. I may not be hiring right now, but if you leave me a resume to look at, and I am intrigued, I might call you anyway. By not having anything with you, you have just told me that you are not really serious about getting a job, and that you would rather go with “no effort required.” That, alone, will leave you at my doorstep.

  4. Don’t neglect to tell me your name. Part of meeting someone new - especially a potential employer - is introducing yourself. I understand you may be nervous, but if you cannot even tell me your name, chances are there won’t be very good customer interaction. Rest assured that if you don’t tell me, I will ask your name anyway, because if you email me a resume, I want to make sure it is the one I throw away.

  5. Don’t bring your friend along. Having another teenager lurk inside the store while you are asking me about a job throws up red flags for loss prevention. Even if you are not trying to distract me so your friend can steal something, I will certainly be watching your buddy and making sure nothing goes missing. This means you do not have my full attention.

Be smart. If you really do want to stop hustling your parents for money and you are willing to work hard, then go out with a purpose. Sure, we may not have posted a help wanted sign, but if you dress right, seem responsible, know something about the brand or company, and are prepared, I will definitely look at your resume, and you may just have your first job.


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