How to Have a Successful Day, Everyday.


Have you ever had a day where you kept going and going? You filled your day doing household things like laundry and dishes, taking the dog for a walk, putting away the toys (again), making dinner, vacuuming, folding more clothes, giving baths, and then playing a stupid game on your phone (to decompress, obviously).

At the end of the day, you were so mad at yourself for not working on your goals or your business! But you rationalized and told yourself that there was no way you could have done that work because you were just. too. busy.

The biggest excuse I hear from my subscribers is that you are not going after your dreams because you simply do not have enough time to do it.

Yes, you do.

The truth about time is that you have to make the time.  You decide where you want to spend your time.

You can get up slightly earlier than you already do, or you can stay up later.  Or… you can just manage your time better.  Did you really need to spend 45 minutes playing Fishdom last night? Really?

If you truly want something, you CAN set aside the tiniest amount of time in your day to start working on it.

And then, guess what?

You will feel like you had a successful day.

Of course, you can finish all of those other things you had planned for the day. You don’t have to take them off your list.

But you do need to be sure to add in that really important thing – YOU.  And…Your business… When you do this, you will feel like your day was a freaking success and you will be ready to take on the same thing tomorrow. And the next day.

When you work on something every day (even for just a small amount of time) you will surprise yourself at how much you can accomplish. 

Start with 30 minutes.

Commit to 30 minutes to work on your goal. Say you will.

30 minutes is nothing. You can totally find time for that. Did you realize that just 30 minutes a day adds up to a whopping 16 hours a month! Do you realize what you can accomplish with 16 hours?!

Here is the secret formula to having a successful day:

  1.  Write down that ONE THING you are going to accomplish today.

  2.  Do it.

Write it.  Do it.


At the end of the day, make sure you have completed that ONE THING before you go to bed.

By the way, that ONE THING can be anything. It can be calling your mom. It can be making your bed. It can be setting up your email provider.  It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you are learning how to make and keep commitments to yourself. As you get better at this, you will get better at moving towards your real goals – those goals that will have you living a more awesome life – free from [fill in the blank] and having more [fill in the blank]. Maybe you want to be free from anxiety about debt and bills and you want to have more freedom to travel and work from home.

You pick.

It all starts with that ONE THING.

Write it down. Make sure that ONE THING gets done today.

That is what a successful day is all about.  You make a commitment to yourself, and you keep it. 

And, damn it feels good.


Make a commitment today to decide on that ONE THING. And then let me know what it is! Letting anyone know about your ONE THING will give you accountability and that will support you in getting it done. Let me be your accountability - I am happy to reach out and help you get it done! Reach out to me at or fill out this form and we will send you occasional inspiration!



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