3 Ways that Savasana Pose Can Jumpstart Your Success



The yoga pose we crave. The pose we wait for. The pose we LOVE. This is the pose that allows us to slow down, relax, and sometimes even fall asleep. The. Corpse. Pose.

If you do not know yoga, this is the pose where you lie down flat, with your feet shoulders width and your hands turned up to the sky. It is so good.

Just some background. I am NOT an exercise fan.

I don’t go to the gym (even though I should). I don’t run or jog (even though friends tell me they LOVE it). TBH I might do it for the Disney race, because that looks really fun.

I have actually searched and searched for some form of exercise that I could love, and for years, I have come up empty.

Completely by chance, I found yoga. And not just any yoga. HOT YOGA. Ohhh yeaaaaahhh.

But that doesn’t really matter. Because what I am going to share with you is crazy good. You will not even need to love yoga to benefit from what I am going to share.

Just do it.

Because the benefits to your entrepreneurial journey are 100x what you will put into it. And, you just may end up loving it. Just sayin.

This one pose will change your life. I’m totally serious. You may think that just lying down on your mat can’t benefit you, but you are wrong. It will. Let me tell you how.

There are (at least) 3 ways that the Savasana pose will fast forward your entrepreneurial journey.


After working through several poses, you will lie down to catch your breath. This is your moment, do not take it for granted. When do you ever have a chance for complete stillness in your life?

THIS IS SO CRITICAL. Take this opportunity to really find balance and stillness in your life.

I know. I am just like you. My mind is constantly moving and thinking and it is so hard to find that stillness.

So, breathe in. Breathe out. Train yourself to breathe. There will be moments in your life when you will need to find the calm. You will need to breathe to be able to think more clearly. Train yourself now to do it.

Added bonus: When you are in this place, inspiration comes.

You KNOW what this is all about.

Relax, breathe, and see what happens . . .


As you have embarked on your entrepreneurial journey, you learned about mindset, the law of attraction, and energy. You learned that you want to be around people that have a higher energy level so that you can absorb that energy and use it to your benefit.

So how can yoga help?

This is so incredible. I can actually really geek out on this concept, because it is SOOO real.

Energy is matter. It cannot just disappear.

In a yoga class, after the flows, you drop to your mat and get into the Savasana pose along with every person in the room. Your heart is still beating strong, and then, as you start to calm, your heartbeat slows, and you begin to relax.

As each person in the room starts to relax, the energy starts to pull away from their bodies. You know this because as you start to relax, you can actually feel the energy draining from you.

Where does it go?

It does not just disappear. That is impossible. But the energy does leave your body.

When every person is in Savasana, energy FILLS the room. This is SO COOL!!

You are just lying there, but the air around you is filled with the energy all the other yogis have to offer. You may not know their names, but one may be giving you insight, another courage, and another confidence.

The energy and vibrations you can receive (while lying on your back) are invaluable.


When you are lying flat on your back, the only thing holding you up is the solid earth beneath you. As you relax into this position, feel the ground below you, under your head, your back, your forearms, your pelvis, your legs, your feet.

You are solid. You are steady.

You are whole.

There is nothing wavering or broken.

During your entrepreneurial journey, have you ever felt like you were trying to fly, but all you were able to feel was a sense of dogpaddling through the air - trying to stay up but not really getting anywhere? When you allow yourself to come to the earth, you are grounded, and still, and real again. You are ready to take inspiration and run with it because you have found the natural rhythm in yourself again.

You know that you are worthy and ready to receive everything the universe is going to give you. It is your time.

Mindset issues can plague even the most motivated entrepreneur. But when you are grounded, you find yourself again. And you KNOW what needs to be done. You KNOW you can do it. You KNOW that this is your moment.

Even though it looks easy, Savasana can be difficult because the art of relaxation can be harder than it appears. It may be easy for us to stretch, bend and balance, but when we have to lie flat on the floor for two minutes – Damn.

I’m telling you – just go with it.

This pose can give you everything you need to jumpstart your success. Try it and let me know what you think!