How Modern Mindset Teachings Parallel the Mormon Church

This year I have really been focusing on mindset and my personal growth. Jen Sincero got me started with her iconic book, You Are a Badass, and then I went on a search to find everything I could about mindset, wealth and prosperity. In the past year I have read such notable authors as Wallace Wattles (The Science of Getting Rich), T. Harv Ecker (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind), Dale Carnegie, Ray Dalio, Chris Voss, Mel Robbins, Dave Ramsey, Napolean Hill, Russell Brunson, and Hal Elrod, among others.

Once this door opened, I could not stop myself from seeking more and more information on how our thoughts affect our lives. I was obsessed! If only I had found this information in my twenties! And then . . . the thought of how grateful I am that I finally found this information because it can improve my life from this point forward.

I have learned how mindset is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful, and I’ve learned how to use it. I understand that I have been created with gifts and talents that need to be continually developed and that the sky is the limit for whatever I want in life - money, business, community, or entrepreneurial success. As long as I am completely committed to reaching my goals, there is absolutely nothing that can stop me. I am just as deserving and worthy of having success as anyone else in this world.

I’ve also learned about energy and the law of attraction, and I believe that these laws of nature are irrevocably set in place, and that they govern every form of life on earth.

As I have started this journey of self-enlightenment, I have found myself confused about whether to call this higher power “God” or “the Universe,” or something else. I have usually deferred to “the Universe” because I felt like my religious upbringing in the Mormon church did not seem to quite coincide with the mindset teachings I have been learning. It seemed almost sacrilegious to refer to the power of the universe that can give me anything I want (including lots of prosperity) as God. I was always taught that God blesses people that are more humble and meek. Ha! Mindset issues.

It has been a weird balance because I know in my heart that when I refer to the universe, I really mean God. I guess I have always been taught to speak with God thankfully instead of asking him for abundance. My mind tells me that it is one and the same, but I still can’t quite say it out loud. The two ideas have been too separate for me to put them together.

But then a strange thing happened last week at church.

A return missionary stood up to talk about his mission and he said something that really struck me. He said, “The Lord really blesses you when you go for it.”

This rang true on so many levels. I know that when I am committed to a certain goal and I “go for it” the universe answers and helps me. Is it the same thing then?

This got me thinking about the Mormon church and whether there is a parallel between what they teach their missionaries and everything I have learned (and believe) about mindset. There are at least two areas where they are completely on point.

1. MORNING RITUALS. Every business coach, podcaster, self-improvement guru, and entrepreneurial master has a morning ritual. There is a place for your morning ritual in every goal planner on the market. All of these amazingly successful people start their morning with the same basic ritual. And they know it works.

Did you know that Mormon missionaries are taught the same idea?

They start their days waking early and going through something akin to “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. They start with prayer/meditation. They exercise. They visualize a successful day. They read inspirational writings and they write down their thoughts in their journal. Then they plan their day and write down what they are going to do that day, the people they will meet, the lessons they have scheduled, and the places they will eat their meals. They plan their day for success. Every day they start with the same ritual.

I think it is amazing that the Mormon church uses this method for starting the day, and that it so completely parallels what successful people preach. It works. It works for these Mormon missionaries and I have no doubt that it is a primary reason that they are so successful at what they do.

2. UNWAVERING BELIEF (Faith) in what they can accomplish. Another mindset parallel is the one that this return missionary spoke about. When you are so focused and so sure that the universe is going to help you, you are willing to totally go for it. I mean, why not? When you know you will be successful, you have absolutely nothing stopping you. And then, your belief is validated because “The Lord really blesses you when you go for it.” Mindfulness at work is beautiful.

This I know. Universal truths are truly universal. A truth for success in one part of your life is also a truth for success in another part of life. The thing to learn is what can bring success. The entrepreneurial teachers know it and use it. The Mormon church knows it and teaches it to their missionaries. Successes come when these universal laws are followed.

There is a scripture that says “There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated. When we receive any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated. (Doctrine and Covenants 130:20-21).

Put simply, there are universal laws governing everything. When you follow the law, blessings come. It does not matter if you follow the law for your business or your religion. If you want success, you do the thing that brings you there.

And it does not matter if I call this power “the Universe” or “God” because I know it is the same. The exact same. When I learn these universal laws for success, I want to be sure that I am following them and teaching them. A system has been put in place for every person to become successful. God has put in place a way for us to reach our ultimate potential. We just have to follow the natural laws he has given.

The gurus know it. The Mormon church knows it. They are both using the laws to create successes and abundance everywhere. I’m all in too.

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